Howies Hockey Tape - 4 White Cloth & 8 Clear Shin Pad

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If you've been around the game long enough, you know the advantage of playing at your home rink - The ice, the crowds, but most importantly that quirky bounce off the Zamboni doors that ends up in the high slot. Our hockey tape offers that same advantage. We designed it using the strongest cloth and tackiest adhesive so that it will last longer and perform better. Our high tenacity polyethylene sock hockey tape will hold your shin guards right where you want them, while offering enough flexibility for your calve muscle to move freely.

- 4 Rolls of white cloth tape

- 8 Rolls of clear shin pad tape

- Soft, comfortable, and conforming shin pad tape

- Stickiest adhesive

- Made in USA

Howies Hockey Scissors
Howies Hockey Scissors